It is very helpful to start with an email since it begins the record of our work together. Be sure to include a description of the cabling that you need and any important facts about the facility where the cabling will be installed. It is important if this is a medical, historic, or high security facility- or one where all work is done during limited hours. Also let us know if the cabling may include hazardous areas. This could include extra-high ceilings and below buildings, as well as buildings that need repair. Also please be sure to include your best contact information and the same for the best site contact. We will call or write you back on the same day your email is received. Arranging a site survey is always an excellent idea that helps to insure your project will be complete. If your situation is an emergency, please call us at 817-457-4424.


Material Purchase Orders should be emailed to the same address as above. We will always check to insure that materials are in stock and can be delivered quickly, as well as confirming the order status to you. All PO's Must Reference DIR Contract Number DIR-TSO-3727.


SCI Guarantees any Product or Material that We Sell or Install for a Period of One Year of Normal Use With no Abuse or Neglect on the Part of the Facility. SCI Guarantees the Labor Portion of Your Cabling Installation for a Period of Ninety Days.

 When left alone your cabling installation should last for many years.

If we have failed to meet applicable codes and standards during your installation, we will fix that at no charge if informed within 90 days. The same is true if our installers have failed to follow written and agreed upon plans. SCI bears no responsibility for installations made by others that negatively affect the site.


Purchased Products May Be Returned Within 30 Days Only if Accompanied by Documentation
Showing: A. That an Incorrect Product Was Delivered or B. The Product Causes a Failure to Certify.


To Request a Cabling Services Quote Simply Email us at the following address and you will reach both Frank Locker and J Hall :

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